b i  o  g  r  a  p  h  y
Charles Ingram is the multifaceted host and actor who brings his elite knowledge and training to any stage. Charles is unique as he combines his light-heartedness with serious survival and rescue skills whether he is interviewing a renowned expert or playing a hard core military role. Charles has been dedicated to a difficult and versatile training regiment since being a member of an elite U.S. Marine Corps' Force Reconnaissance Unit.

In 2013, Charles began hosting the new reality show Are You Tougher Than A Boy Scout for the National Geographic channel NATGEO.  Charles makes the scenes interesting and enjoyable as you watch adults challenging Eagle scouts to a series of outdoor-related challenges.

Charles brought real life experience and commercial success to the Lifetime Television series What Should You Do? Charles narrated re-enactments and provided advice to women on how to handle dangerous situations. This was a natural progression for Charles, whose combination of good looks and charm propelled him to become the first male spokes-model grand champion of Star Search.

As host of Great White: Appetite for Destruction by Discovery, Charles free swam with the great white sharks, investigated their migratory and feeding patterns, and survived his inflatable boat attack. Charles was also the host of The Aquanauts, a fifty-two-episode television show on Animal Planet. Traveling around the world as a Master Scuba Instructor and journalist, he swam with sharks and dolphins, trained with Coast Guard Rescue and reported on ocean inhabitants and the rain forest.

Using his experience as a Technical Diving Instructor, Charles hosted the pilot, Team Deep Swim. This show focused on an elite team of free swimming divers (no hoses or wires) using rebreathers to dive to dangerous depths of 600 feet in order to document government protected ship wrecks, some with millions in treasure still aboard.

Charles was also the diving and weapons specialist for the History Channel series Digging for the Truth where he would appear on several episodes as a guest host and discuss specific weapons used during different time periods. Additionally, Charles conducted dives to help uncover the truth about various underwater archeological sites.

Charles began his acting career opposite Bruce Willis in Antoine Fuqua's Tears of the Sun. He then acted as the lead villain in Raymond Yip's Anna in Wu-Lin. As a stunt man, Charles most recently exhibited his highly developed skills working on film and television shows including Star Trek Into Darkness, Hell Baby, The Expendables, GI JOE, Takers, Fencewalker, Obsessed, Race To Witch Mountain, Seven Pounds, Blackwater Transit, Black Hawk Down, Biker Boys, The Matrix II, The Matrix III, Eli Stone, Without a Trace, ER, 24, CSI:NY, CSI Las Vegas, Bones, Day Break, Alias, Charmed, The Shield, The District, Boomtown, Fast Lane, American Dreams and more.

A former Force Recon Marine Combat Diver trained in anti-terrorism, hostage rescue, CQB (Close Quarters Battle), military freefall, deep reconnaissance, guerilla warfare, riverine warfare, and more. Charles has also cross-trained with Navy Seals, Army Delta Force, and other commando units. Charles was a member of the San Mateo Sherriff Department's Diver/Cliff Rescue Team and is currently a member of the Los Angeles Sherriff Department's Marine Company Dive Team. He has earned certification in more than ten other rescue and emergency medicine courses that include Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support, Flight Medicine, HELO Aquatic Rescue, Cliff Rescue and more. He has maintained his status as an Emergency Medical Technician for over 15 years. Charles practices yoga and is a martial arts 3rd degree black belt and grand champion in weapons and fighting.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in the San Francisco bay area, Charles attended the University of California in Los Angeles and has been a successful Ford Agency Model for over 16 years.