Lena Ingram &
Stuart Locklear
created A Miniseries
Production in 2011
on a shoestring budget
and vivid imaginations.
Their first effort,
“La Fontaine”,
turned into a 4 part
miniseries (10 minutes
each) about a dys-
functional family.  They
really began to understand
what it meant to film on such a small scale paying so much attention to the smallest of details.

While filming the series, they were asked to make a film for the San Francisco International Fashion Film Festival.
“Saffron”, a futuristic peak at the gray existence for which we may be headed, explores the bravery of a woman
who goes against the grain of society and in an alternate world, the slow descent in to madness.  After several screening and film festivals requests, Lena & Stuart realized that what started as a tiny art gallery in Lena’s living room, was turning into a production company with elaborate sets.

As A Miniseries Production increases the quality of the film work, it will also grow as a company producing larger small scale productions and features.  A Miniseries Production hopes to be featured on Adult Swim, Funny or Die and LOGO to name a few.  Not only will Lena & Stuart like to continue to be part of film festivals globally, but would also like to make short advertising films for some of the leading 1:6 scale doll companies.

"It takes a tremendous amount of focus and dedication, but it is truly our labor of love." 

{ A Miniseries Production...
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